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Mail: sfulco@gmaplex.it
Position: Partner
Office: Milan
Tel: +39 02.30323232
Fax: +39 02.30323242

Sergio Fulco

Sergio Fulco  has accrued a relevant expertise in the fields of litigation and arbitration of company law disputes (with specific focus on issues of corporate law, banking law and bankruptcy law) by assisting major banks, investment funds and SMEs.

Since 2012 Sergio developed a specific expertise in the field of insolvency procedures by assisting distressed companies and banks in bankruptcy and “chapter eleven” proceedings and in compositions with creditors and restructuring plans.

He has started to practice law at Studio Legale avv. Danovi, then at Pavia Ansaldo and NCTM, where he became equity partner.Sergio graduated at the University of Milan in 1997 and was admitted to the Bar Association in 2001. He authored several articles and papers regarding issues of procedural and bankruptcy law.

Sergio speaks Italian and English