Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners organizes the round table “Personal data and commercial information: a matter of (cyber)security”

The event belonging to the “IP Meetings” will be held Thursday 21 June 2018, at Officina 22 in Foro Buonaparte 22.

Personal Data and commercial information involve several aspects of privacy and know-how protection as amended by the recent laws. A main issue for companies is the protection of data and information mostly from an IT prospective. This is a matter that any company shall face in order to prevent the high risks strictly connected to their reputation and intangible assets.

The third “IP Meeting” organized by Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners will focus on Cyber security. The event takes place on Thursday 21 June 2018, from 8.45 to 11.30 and will be attended by representatives belonging to different industries. The event will be hosted in Milan, at Officina 22, in Foro Buonaparte 22.

The panel includes:

Daniele Tumietto, Partner of Studio Tumietto, expert in standard at UNINFO/UNI, European Commission, United Nations

Paola Repetto, Legal Manager and DPO at Costa Crociere

Fabrizio Vigo, President of Direct Marketing Association and CEO of Seven Data

Marco Bavazzano, CEO of Axitea S.p.A.

Stefano Gatti, Head of Innovation & Data Sources Cerved

Licia Garotti, Partner, head of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law department at Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners

Lorenzo Cairo, Partner, head of the Employment Law and Compliance & Data Protection departments at Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners