Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners in the sale of Monviso S.r.l. from PM & Partners to Cerea Partenaire

PM & Partners SGR announces the sale of Monviso S.r.l., leading company specialised in bread substitutes, having functional gourmet and healthy features.

The investment in Monviso was completed by PM & Partners in 2012. Following a strengthening of the organizational and managerial structure of the company, culminated with the entry of Alessandro Manfredi Cusmano as CEO, the company has grown both internally, expanding the range of products and the presence on the cross boarder markets, and through the acquisition of Biscotteria Tonon S.p.A. in 2015.

PM & Partners sold the controlling stake of Monviso (about 96%), while the remaining stake has been sold by the managers. The purchaser is Altabread S.r.l., subsidiary of Céréa Partenaire (which acted on behalf of the close-ended fund Cerea Capital II Italia) and participated by funds managed by Capzanine.
Alessandro Manfredi Cusmano will hold the position of CEO, position held since 2013, and Marco Visentin will be the CFO. The top management complement Céréa Partenaire with a share equal to about 5% of the investment of Altabread.

Founded in 1936, Monviso is a company located in Piemonte, whose activity is developed in four plants located in the provinces of Turin, Asti, Pavia and Verona. The company operates through the Monviso brand, producing various food lines, such as “Prima Colazione” (Breakfast, with the famous “Biscotto Salute”, Health Biscuit), line “Benessere” (Wellness, including low sodium products and the line of toast “Io Sono”, I am), line “Biologica” (Organic), line “Snack” and line “Pasticceria” (Backery, with three cereals biscuits).

PM & Partners was assisted by Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners for the legal aspects. The team, for the corporate aspects, was led by Partner Sebastiano Cassani, assisted by Senior Associate Guido Cavaliere and by Associate Roberto Garrone. For the banking aspects, the deal has been led by Partner Marco Leonardi and by Associate Federico Tropeano and Cristina Cupolo.